Embroidered Long Sleeve Pink Pajamas


Perfect for Christmas OR Valentine's Day Pajamas if you are going to a warm place or are lucky enough to live in a warm place. This set of pajamas is made by the company ARB Blanks and decorated upon order. The top is pink, long sleeve with red trim around the neck/cuffs. The bottoms have an elastic waist, and pink and red stripes with a red cuff at the bottom.
The decoration is made with polyester embroidery. The thread is from Madiera. We do not skimp on the quality of our materials in our shop. A cover will be pressed on the back of the embroidery to prevent it from feeling scratchy.
Please remember the longer the name the smaller the font might be so consider a nickname in some cases. You can always reach out with questions.
We will follow what you send us.
They are made from a Kid-approved brand!!
95% Cotton 5% Spandex
Decorated in North Greenbush, NY USA upon order
ARB Blanks 95% Cotton 5% Spandex
Each order is decorated in our shop upon order.
These pajamas will last you longer than your child can fit in them. Most kids don't want to take them off.

$ 26.99 USD