Style Circle Blog

Welcome to our Blog!! This is where we share all kids of details about our products, the way we make them and all kinds of random stuff you probably didn't know you wanted to hear about.

Questions - Answered

There are a lot of layers to the personalized product world. Frequently, many of the same questions come up. Here is where those answers will be.

Who are OUR favorite brands?

It is never just a tee shirt around here.

Wachau Makin?

We are always making things around here. When we have a moment we will chat about it.

What We Are Reading

Who doesn't enjoy a great book (even if it is from Audible or Scibd)? Let's share our favorite titles & authors.

What's Cooking?

Anyone who know me will tell you I love to cook. All the fresh ingredence isn't always apprciated by the current teenage population in my house. I make it anyway and want to share.

We are in this together

I have a passion for my community both locally and globally. When lucky enough to be involved in making things a bit better, why not talk about it.

Buiness Tools

Cool business tools, to good not to share.