Style Circle uses two Melco 16 needle commercial machines to complete your orders.  These commercial machines are capable of handling a wide variety of products.  Most designs are sewn with Madeira polyester thread which is the most washable and durable thread on the market.  Other thread types such as rayon, metallic, glow in the dark, monolon, flame resistant, and burmilanaco are available when suitable for the design.  When submitting a design it is best to send the embroidery file if available.  

Things to keep in mind for art submission:

  • Accepted files for embroidery: CDR,DXF,SVG,EPS,BMP, JPG, 
  • Use 300 DPI high-resolution images, NOT low-res 96 DPI
  • Do not use anti-aliasing
  • Try to not send PNG format for embroidery
  • Do use transparent backgrounds.
  • If the image does not conform to these settings, go back to the original vector artwork and generate a bitmap that includes them.

General Washing Guide

1. For best results, wash in warm water with a mild detergent.

2. Do not add bleaching agents such as chlorine, peroxide or sodium carbonate.

3. Do not line dry. Garments should be tumble dried at warm setting.

4. Never leave damp or wet embroidered articles folded or stuck together.

5. Never wring out any embroidered articles.

6. Never leave embroidered articles soaking in water.

7. Garments or linen that may be commercially laundered should be embroidered with polyester thread.

8. If the first laundering of a new garment is done in cool or cold water, leftover dye particles from the thread may remain on the fabric. This does not mean the article is ruined. Rewash in warm water. The remaining particles will wash out.

Style Circle Embroidery Thread Colors